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Computer gaming is fun for all ages because quite simply, these days it has something for everybody. The days where computer games are ripped apart in the media are almost behind us. This generation is the generation brought up on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. This is the generation that has made gaming suitable for all races, ages and sexes.

Gaming is so big that even massive Hollywood movies are based on them, and gaming conventions now pull in just as many people as sporting games. League of Legends national tournaments sell out within an hour of the ticket lines opening, and it is the first computer game being considered for a place in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Computer gaming is coming out, guns blazing, and there nobody is left behind. You can play games on your PC, games console, TV, DVD player, laptop, net book, tablet, phablet and mobile phone. There are more free games on the Internet than there are gambling and hacking websites combined.

Software is no longer adapted to fit to technology; the technology is being built for gaming. Motion controls, pads, mats and cameras are being specifically built and designed to change and alter the way we play games so that even more people can play.

Even statistically, there is a more diverse range of people playing games than ever before. Games such as Candy Crush have high scores from people in their 90s (look it up), and kids as young as seven have built incredibly detailed recreation structures on Minecraft. Gaming is fun for all ages and it is entering a golden age that we can all enjoy.